Bradley and Montgomery is a boutique creative agency helping brands Be Magnetic. We earn the audience's attention by creating things that they are attracted to and care about. No one wants to give their time to an ad – they want to engage with what interests them. Magnetic work is accomplished by having a deep cultural understanding of your audience and using it to create a little magic at the nexus of what they love and what your product does. By placing your audience’s culture at the center of our strategy, we’re able to make your brand something your audience is drawn to.

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Angie's List
Indiana Pacers
First Financial Bank
Guggman Haus
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Advertising. Strategy. Design. Branding. Whatever you need, we have the expertise to get it done fast.

Our Work

College kids were flocking to Google Docs in droves.
We found someone who they would listen to which drove
more sign-ups for Office 365 than anyone expected.

Chase set a year-end goal for reduction of
teller transactions. We did it by September.

Apple Card used our Opportunity Playbook to discover
new ways to grow market share.

Angie’s List customer growth was flat.
We helped them increase membership leading to their
first profitable quarter ever.

Xbox wanted to migrate Minecraft user accounts
to Xbox Live accounts. So we did.

People deeply love cars. We helped Mecum
show that they love cars just as much and
in the process created thousands of new fans.

Creating an online store and social presence
that “[email protected]#king loves dogs.”

Some of the most unique craft beer that you’ll
ever taste needed tasteful packaging to go with it.

We helped First Financial Bank see a 130% lift in digital account applications through our brand awareness campaign.

How a Klondike Bear helped
Xbox Live get 22% more sign ups.

How we helped Microsoft win
the hearts of developers at GDC.

How we helped Xbox get more
love with no media dollars.

In-House Capabilities

Where your customers spend their time is as varied as memes on TikTok. That’s why we have artists, strategists, developers, animators, videographers, editors and producers that can help keep your brand coherent, consistent and compelling anywhere you need to reach your customer. Having everything in-house means we’re able to make things quickly while they're meaningful to the moment.