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What is Share of Culture?

Marketers understand share of voice. Or share of category. But there’s another metric, and we find that it’s increasingly more vital. Brands with a bigger “share of culture” win in a world where social opinion can be more influential than any amount of purchased media messaging.

We are committed to helping brands be an authentic voice in this conversation, and to create experiences that will help them grow their share of our evolving, mobile, instantaneous, digital culture.

Read more about Share of Culture on our blog post.

Why we’re independent.

We’re not part of a parent firm or holding company. We have no outside investors. Just about every dollar we’ve ever earned has been earned because we’ve been able to convince someone somewhere to buy an idea — an idea that creates value. It’s not because we broker time and space, or because we sell downstream services.

We sell ideas, and always have.

It means we must be fast, nimble and flexible. We must make quick decisions without wading through layers of our own internal approval process. Independence has let us run a business of ideas, not of processes.

Our ideas are our only product. Our only profit center. Lateral thinking, critical thinking, speed and entrepreneurial instincts drive the best ideas we deliver.

Why we’re capable.

When we started in 1999, we were small. But from the beginning, we were asked to do big things. When only five people worked here, we were shooting and editing video, creating ad campaigns — some of them early digital campaigns — and even programming software installation disks for Fortune 500 companies. And we did it in house, because we felt outsourcing could have slowed us down. We were naturally curious and quick learners. And we were quick to see when a traditional method wasn’t efficient. Even today, we do a lot of things under our own roofs. Our inclination to “do more here, faster” has served our clients well in an era when responding to a social media event too late can be worse than not responding at all.

  • A point of difference isn’t enough. Now, brands must have a point of view. A point of view gets a brand out of a category and into the culture — where the consumers now are. We help brands establish a point of view, create a strategy and create things — events, images, stories — that get people to stop, engage, like and share.

  • We often tell a brand’s stories in motion. When we do, we do it a way that’s authentic to the platform — whether it’s the film–like expectations of Vimeo; the immediacy of YouTube; the playful, DIY conventions of Snapchat; or the interruptive impact of television. Whether on a mobile device, a TV, in–store or on a giant screen in Times Square, we create compelling storytelling designed to be embraced and shared by the viewers you care about.

  • Beyond social media interactions or digital campaigns, we can create destinations that offer people more ways to interact with your brand. Our aim is not only to deepen your relationships, shares and engagement with your audiences. It’s to use every digital tool in our arsenal to help you make news, and help your brand own a greater share of the culture.

Why we’re different.

We collaborate with our clients. You’ve heard this from agencies before, surely. But we do, because we’re built differently.

Unlike traditional ad agencies, we don’t have rigid processes or a lot of job-title-strata or hierarchies. It’s not that we’re anti-organization, but we discard structures that don’t foster innovation and collaboration, those that slow us down, or those that are simply a tradition for tradition’s sake.

Most agencies contractually assign creative people to a specific “piece of business” — we don’t do that either. We have people with a variety of skills and expertise. Every assignment is unique and each may require different expertise. So we build the smartest team to serve each assignment.

These small teams work collaboratively with our clients on strategy, creative ideas and audience activation. Calls and meetings with BaM include more of the people creating the work than many agencies allow.

Every discipline brings experience, contributes ideas, and has a voice. Our approach creates more ideas, and different kinds of ideas, than the traditional agency model will — and tends to create them faster.


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