Microsoft was facing possible negative PR from IT
professionals for discontinuing service for Windows XP.
We turned it into a win for Microsoft.

Windows XP was the stalwart of Microsoft operating systems. However, you can only support an OS for so long. When they announced the end of life for XP, they knew they were going to receive some backlash from the vast IT community.

They needed something to defuse the situation. And we had the answer. Blow shit up. We created a game where you play as a developer who must escape the crumbling world of XP filled with zombie Recycle Bins and a Godzilla-sized Clippy.

The game was placed as an easter egg on a developer web app we managed for Microsoft. There were no words – just an animated GIF of the main character. Curiosity did its thing. Developers clicked. Developers played. Developers shared. Within 24 hours, the game was featured on CNET, Time, and Kotaku. It also become a trending topic on Twitter. What could have been a negative news cycle turned into a win for Microsoft.

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"It turns out Microsoft has a sense of humor after all."
- Time Magazine
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