Scout & Zoes
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that “[email protected]#king loves dogs.”

The owner of Scout & Zoes wants to hug all the dogs. Its her passion. As she proudly says, I [email protected]#king love dogs. She started the company in 2012 in response to one of her dogs dietary issues, and while she was successfully growing, her website was still clearly locked in 2012.

Our first step was to do a brand refresh that brought the joy and enthusiasm Cindy has for dogs to her brand overall. We then quickly applied that to a Big Commerce online store. Next we started building out her brand story through social media with a combination of video and static assets that captures her sense of humor but also explain how her products are made with better quality ingredients as well as better intentions.

For instance, many of her products use Asian Carp as the protein which helps alleviate the problems this invasive species is causing in native waterways. The fish are processed by second-chance employer and then packed by a the Hopewell Center in Anderson, IN which teaches intellectually challenged individuals new job skills. Its a win for dogs and people.

We kept things small and scrappy like an Australian Shephard and did all production in-house with the gracious help of a number of BaM dogs. Her new Big Commerce store also makes it easy for anyone to manage inventory, add new products, create promotions, and run email campaigns. Quite the treat.

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