Xbox wanted to migrate Minecraft user accounts
to Xbox Live accounts. So we did.

Before being acquired, Minecraft users would log on to a Mojang account to play Minecraft. They continued this practice for several years, but the problem was that it was a second ecosystem to support which did little for Xbox to forward their business goals. After running a campaign to get users to convert accounts for three months with little success, they turned to BaM for help. We identified that they needed to split their message strategy between players and the parents of players. For players, it was all about access to new worlds. For parents, it was all about controlling screen time and who their child can interact with.

We revamped the media plan, created multiple messages for each audience, and optimized on a weekly basis. We also helped them streamline the UX and simplify the sign-up process resulting in a significant drop in bounce rates.

Parent and Player Targeted Banners and Paid Social Posts

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