The Sandwich Summit

The Sandwich Summit

Herron School of Art Class of 1986

Mark Bradley and Scott Montgomery were just teenagers when they arrived at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis in the fall of 1982, and within days, they each realized two things.

First, each believed that the other one was, while talented, kind of a jerk.

Second, they both wanted to date the same girl. A girl who had the good sense to reject them both.

Probably for being jerks.

So, in an uncharacteristically un-jerklike move, Scott decided to invite Mark to his apartment for a ham sandwich to get to know the guy. It turned out they liked a lot of the same designers, writers, photographers. Had a lot of the same heroes. They discovered they had a complementary sense of humor. And they really didnt need to be jerks.

The event was thereafter called The Sandwich Summit.

After graduation, Mark and Scott worked as a creative team together at several companies until 1999 when they started Bradley and Montgomery, or as their clients began to call them, BaM.