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Traditional Games Gone Digital.

Traditional Games Gone Digital.

As Gen Con revs up we're looking at how collectible card games have gone digital and the giant market they've created.

Affinity, Culture and Pickup Trucks.

Consumers who demonstrate affinity for a brand buy more, buy more often, and complain less…

How Brands Shape Identity (And Why It Matters.)

How do self-presentation strategies impact who people choose to be in a given context and how does that shape marketing?

PopCon in the Circle City.

Over the weekend, Indy hosted PopCon, a celebration of Cosplay, comics, anime, and gaming. Events like it have become fixtures in most major cities and are no longer oddities. Here’s a little of what we learned.

AI, Advertising and Cultural Learning.

As artificial intelligence becomes more ubiquitous and more aware, what effect will it have on the marketing world?

Share of Culture and Building Brands.

The old advertising model advocated the creation of an external brand image to influence consumers. It talked about benefits, it talked about the company, it promised to give you sex appeal. Those times are long past.

Moogfest 2017.

Alex Porter tells us about his visit to Moogfest, which spanned a multitude of disciplines, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, trans-humanism, mind-controlled robotics, data visualization, and smart clothing, just to name a few.

The Final Days of Last Click.

On May 22nd, Google announced that they have plans to bring an end to Last Click attribution in the industry. With that, you heard a Halle-fucking-lujah sound from thousands of ad agencies around the world.

Family of the Furious: How Hollywood Sees Family Differently and Successfully.

The Fast and the Furious is one of the most successful family film franchises in history. The reason is simple — family is at the core of the franchise’s success, and even more precisely, it is the idea of chosen family that drives (puns!) this box office juggernaut forward.

Building Your Own Reality.

The Grid from the Tron universe is a place I’ve been fascinated with ever since I was a kid. I always dreamt about exploring it. What would it look like? What would it feel like? Would the energy water be as delicious as it seemed it would be?

Don’t Kill the Account Manager. Evolve Them.

Last month, Ad Age published an article on Why We Killed The Account Manager, one agency’s story of the trials and tribulations of creating an account management department and the decision to go without. They cited a slow-down of process, a focus on checking boxes over quality and ideas lost in translation. And while account management didn’t work for this agency, it HAS worked for us and a large majority of agencies.

AI Marketing: Can the Matrix Buy Milk?

AI is the continued topic of discussion in 2017 and will no doubt remain so for the foreseeable future. And while it presents tremendous advantages to society and businesses, there are just as many disadvantages.

Big Data vs. Insights.

Over the last 20 years and the emergence of digital as a central element behind marketing and advertising, the industry had gotten smarter and smarter, creating an expanded set of new metrics. Even with these, it is still very hard to measure success in a clear way.

Capturing Culture.

Capturing attention of a consumer is one thing. Maintaining it is quite another. And making it connect in such a way that your brand becomes meaningful in the shared human experience is another still. There’s nothing new in the challenge, but it’s getting harder.

Fads, Trends, and Being Relevant Over the Long Haul.

Staying on top of social and cultural change is difficult. Understanding the difference between fads and trends is critical for all organizations. Unfortunately, many decision makers seem to be unaware of their important differences.

Shades of Blue: Marrying Art and Science.

Creative inspiration, whether in product development, advertising, or any other activity, is a matter of rethinking how we look at a problem.