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3D Artist


Reports to: Executive Creative Director/Principal


We’re looking for an individual who wants to work on a wide variety of 3D projects that range from elements for video/compositing to environments and characters for AR/VR.

Basically, if you’re looking to make cool virtual stuff and want to live in Indianapolis while doing it, we want to talk to you.

Work here and find out why we believe:

  • Good ideas take the same amount of time as bad ideas.
  • Limitations are creative opportunities.
  • You should think like a band, not like a corporation.
  • An open mind creates more room for ideas.
  • Small teams achieve bigger results.
  • Empathy toward each other and our clients is powerful.
  • Delivering on time is great; delivering earlier, even better.
  • Ideas can come from anyone and anywhere.
  • If you don’t know an answer, find the person who does.
  • Celebrate the successes and, in a way, the failures too.
  • Be kind. Have fun. Work hard.


Proficient in Maya
  • It’s what we use. If you don’t currently use Maya, you would need to be comfortable making the switch.
ZBrush or Substance Painter Experience
  • If you’re familiar, fantastic! If not, we hope you’re excited to learn.
Modeling environments and characters
  • We’re looking for people with a passion to do both. If you have more skill in one area than another, we’d still love to see your portfolio.
Experience with Unity
  • Our AR/VR experiences are built in Unity. Understanding how to model and texture for low-poly mobile VR experiences and high-end desktop VR experiences will help.
Motion graphics and animation experience
  • Being comfortable animating in After Effects.
Totally not a jerk
  • We pride ourselves on being a low-ego zone. We save the drama for what new treat we’re adding to the kitchen.
Strong time management
  • Need to be able to accurately budget your time and communicate how long something will take to accomplish.