Marketers understand share of voice. Or share of category. But there’s another metric, and we find that it’s increasingly more vital. Brands with a bigger “share of culture” win in a world where social opinion can be more influential than any amount of purchased media messaging.

Honestly, this business used to be easier. Consumers of information and entertainment — we’ll call them “people” — had a limited choice of places to consume it: a TV, a radio, a local paper. Advertisers, if they had enough money, could simply buy enough of their time and attention to become a part of the culture. A brand could become “beloved” — a household name — based on purchasing and controlling messaging alone.

That time has passed. You know it. We know it.

So how do you become beloved in a world where you can no longer buy that love?

People consume entertainment and opinion from a dizzying combination of platforms, devices and destinations. And more importantly, they also use the same platforms to make their own. They share it. Get famous for it. Some of what they make might even mention you. It will have an opinion, and a lot of other people will be wired in to agree. Some of it will get more views than your brand campaign because it will be (or seem to be) authentic. It represents something new in human culture. This electric, instantaneous, mass conversation is the culture.

Today it’s vital for brands to have an authentic voice in this conversation. To provide a value that their social peers — yes, peers — will embrace and amplify.

We are committed to helping brands be an authentic voice in this conversation, and to create experiences that will help them grow their share of our evolving, mobile, instantaneous, digital culture.