This summer, BaM is proud to have six new faces joining the team in our Indy office. We love the energy, enthusiasm and ideas that these creative thinkers bring. Please join us in welcoming them to our team!

Meet our Interns

Lizzy Bilbrey

Lizzy (aka lil phat pocket), art intern

— secretly likes the movie “Sharknado 3”

“My dream job would be working for an entertainment, media, or production company like ‘Adult Swim.’ I want to work in a company that amplifies fresh and unconventional comedy, art, and entertainment. Fortunately, BaM likes weirdos. They encourage us to be brash and to think sideways. I like the unconventional, so this discourse resonates well with me. In advertising, one of the biggest challenges may be knowing your audience. In a world with so many consumers, it is important to know what will grab your audience’s attention. Because of this, I like shifting my focus on other people’s behaviors and interests. Learning to respect others’ cultures and ways of life humbles me.”

Anna Weddle

Anna (aka weedle), art intern

— has a self-diagnosed “rational fear of bears”

“I love drawing, it helps me think. I have always been an artist, but I realized that I could do it as a career when I reached out to a local music venue to offer design work. I started making print advertisements for them, and then that grew to me designing multiple billboards and larger scale projects. I quickly got more freelance clients, from an identity for a produce company in Jamaica, to an album cover for Broadway singer Sutton Foster, to packaging for a card game. As my clients grew, I became more secure with the belief that I could be successful in a creative career. I chose BaM for their variety of strong work and their reputation. I wanted to gain experience using design to communicate a message to the audience, and I’m thankful that I can do that here. However, I would also love to moonlight as a mural painter.”

Nate Piggush

Nate (aka Wickid Ninja), data intern

— secretly likes the Fifty Shades Franchise and wants to manage a professional sports team

“I realized that I was creative through conversation. Conversation is a creative practice similar to improv. I’ve always enjoyed conversing, listening, and finding new ways to interact with others. BaM gives me a unique opportunity to practice my analytics and researching skills while maintaining my creative side. Advertising and marketing are what make products and the world go round. If you can make it in advertising and understand how ‘the sausage gets made,’ then you can promote and begin any campaign you’d like. I would like creatives to get a shot at running the world. There is too much linear thinking — we need a real-life Avengers team, a push for jetpacks, and more barcades.”

Luis Muela

Luis (aka DJ Lui-G), art intern

— secretly likes the Twilight franchise and wishes that he could be a shapeshifter

“It took me a few years to find out what I wanted to do with my life. From an early age I showed great interest in all things creative, but I never considered it as a career option until after I spent a few years working in jobs that left me feeling like I had no purpose. During that time, I explored many different career choices and directions. Now, looking back, I am very grateful to have had that time because I believe it gives me different points of view when doing work for various clients. I was a teller/banker for a couple of years and now find myself working on banking campaigns. It’s interesting to take my personal experience with the clients I used to work with and have that shape how I can serve them in this new way. My dream job is to feel proud of the work I’m doing by providing value to the client and then seeing that work out in the world and being able to say, ‘Hey, I did that!’”

Kathryn Thierwecter

Kathryn (aka Ktwisty), account management intern

— would pick time travel as her super power 100000% of the time and still runs up the basement stairs out of fear of the unknown

“I realized that I was creative during my college photography class. I thought that my teacher was terrible for the first two months, but by the end he had really helped me realize my creativity and made me more confident in my productions. He completely ripped me apart on most of my projects, but it made me better. Along with that, working with other creative people has helped me realize my abilities. It’s really cool when creatives can bring this out in one another, and I want to be in a career where my peers’ work is getting recognized and appreciated! As for BaM, the creative and uplifting environment here is unbeatable — everyone inspires each other. Being around people dedicated to their craft inspires me to constantly grow in my own endeavors.”

Davis Patrick

Davis Patrick (aka Zexy Worlock), copywriting intern

— once wrote a short story about zombie penguins and will defend the ending of “Lost” until he dies

“I am interested in just about everything, and as a result am constantly wanting to try new things. Some people are really good at diving into things headfirst, whereas I will probably spend my whole life with pruned toes from constantly dipping them into new waters. After 5 semesters of switching between various writing-focused degrees, advertising caught my eye because it allows for so much variety. I am fascinated by the process of taking a product or idea, researching the hell out of it, and then finding a creative and meaningful way to sell it to people. BaM, on top of having a portfolio stuffed full of impressive and inspiring work, happens to have a lot of brands that I want to work with. I think that advertising should be done with brands and products that you personally believe in. Advertising without passion will never be anything more than advertising, but advertising that comes from the soul can become true art.”