How to harness awards buzz using Snapchat. And sweat socks.


When the Academy’s nominees are announced each year, nearly everyone — from top reviewers, to coworkers, to your Facebook friends — has an opinion about who will take home the award. Any many share that opinion in social. To raise awareness for Bing Predicts and Bing’s Oscar experience, we created owned content that put a unique spin on the year’s Oscar favorites. Taking advantage of Snapchat’s video and sharing capabilities, Bing recreated iconic scenes from nominated movies with sock puppets — bringing a unique spin and lighthearted twist to some of the year’s best films. Recreating scenes from big-budget films on shoestring dollars works authentically on the Snapchat platform. It helped generate over 16 million impressions across social networks.


Followers of Bing Snapchat’s channel nearly doubled in just 3 days

Over 16.5 million impressions across social platforms