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Dream Delivered.


Mecum Auctions is the largest collector car auction company in the world. The Mecum brand is well known among car enthusiasts. Its auctions are events in and of themselves with thousands upon thousands of attendees.

Mecum was expanding their services to provide transportation of collector cars to and from their auctions — a true all-in-one experience for car buyers and sellers. Mecum turned to BaM to create a brand anthem spot that told this story.

Through our audience research process, we call “Win Share of Culture”, we built a profile for our ideal target — the car enthusiast and dove deeper to find leverageable loves that could be used as the foundation for the spot. This process uncovered that buyers of collector cars most often sought out and purchased a car that reminded them of a period of time in their lives - maybe their first car, the car their dad drove or the one they had their first date in. These memories were our leverageable loves and became the heart of the creative.

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“Dream Delivered” told the story of a boy who fell in love with a car, and how that love evolved and continued all the way through to adulthood. The Mecum brand was woven throughout — with the experience at the auction of finding the exact car, bidding on the car and then delivery of the beloved car to the buyer’s home. Delivered in stunning visual film effect, the spot touches on the emotional connections of a man and a car — something that only true car lovers would understand.

The spot aired in November of 2017 and almost immediately the response was overwhelming. With over 10 million unique impressions, tens of thousands of online views and 98% positive sentiment, the Dream Delivered hit a core with audiences and refueled the flame of Mecum with car lovers across the nation.

Over 10 million unique impressions, tens of thousands of online views and 98% positive sentiment