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As Chase’s retail brand AOR, BaM is charged with developing innovative ideas for Chase’s more than 5,000 branches nationwide.

For the holidays, Chase asked us to dream up an idea that would celebrate the holiday season, foster community and bring joy to the customers Chase serves.

We developed the concept #ShareTheSeason and created interactive window displays centered around three designs, light, love, and togetherness, for a number of high-profile branches across the country. Each design – a star, heart and reindeer – was visually stunning and, with a single touch to the glass, transformed into a spectacular light show for those on the street, all of which was entertaining, engaging and great for sharing – something we knew would connect with our banking audience who were mobile-savvy and socially addicted.

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BaM led the creation and implementation for the campaign. From initial design sketches to 3D models to color design to light show choreography, all were done in house by BaM creative teams to bring the idea to life. Once approved by Chase, we found the best partner to help with construction of the light tubes and installation within Chase branch windows. Months of design and planning were perfectly executed just in time for the holidays.

To promote the windows, we teased locations on Chase’s social media channels and created behind-the-scenes videos that could be shared easily by fans of Chase. Each window encouraged visitors to #ShareTheSeason by posting their images of the windows to their own social feeds. Over 8 weeks, the #ShareTheSeason campaign delivered more than 40 million impressions.

Over 8 weeks, the #ShareTheSeason campaign delivered more than 40 million impressions.