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Holiday Influencer Campaign.


Seaters with matching controllers

For the 2017 holiday season, Xbox needed to remind people that a custom-designed Xbox controller (a controller you can customize in a billion ways) makes the perfect gift for the gamer in their life. Xbox needed to break through the mass of holiday advertising clutter and had a very small budget to do so. Xbox turned to BaM for guidance on how to build awareness without busting the budget.

Gaming is a social activity. Through research into gamers (specifically Xbox enthusiasts), we were able to identify influencers that could get a good reach to our desired gaming audience. But, rather than blow our budget paying one or two influencers to post on our behalf, we decided to use dozens of them without spending a single dollar. You could call this an influencer campaign with a twist.

We did research on each of the influencers – we learned the things they loved (we call these leverageable loves). We created custom, one-of-a-kind holiday gifts they couldn’t resist sharing. Each influencer received an ugly holiday sweater (in their size) based on the things they love – their pets, their favorite games, foods, colors, etc. – as well as a matching, custom designed, Xbox controller. Each package was rounded out with a personalized holiday card and Xbox themed gift wrap.

The influencers went crazy for the gifts. They spread the love by sharing unboxing videos, talking about Xbox and specifically the controllers on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. In the course of ten days, Xbox racked up 80,000 likes and 4.2 million views – all without spending a single ad dollar.

80,000 likes, 4.2 million views, $0 ad dollars