• Digital Development

    • Wireframe/Site Map Development
    • Mobile Development
    • Page and Template Design
    • Content Creation
    • Interactive Programming
    • Adobe Flash Animation and Development
    • Video (Specialized Encodes)
    • HTML5 Development
    • Game Development
    • Responsive Design
  • Digital Management

    • Content Management
    • ADA Compliance
    • Web Standards Tools Development
    • Brand Assets Toolkits
    • Microsoft Azure
    • .Net MVC
    • Node.js
    • MongoDB
    • Database and Backend
  • Digital Advertising

    • Standard Flash and Static Units
    • Online Video and Pre-roll Ads
    • Email Marketing
    • Mobile Video and Display
    • SiteTakeovers/Partnerships
    • Immersive Experiences
    • Social Strategies and Events
    • Digital Out of Home
    • QA and Trafficking
  • Advertising and Branding

    • Advertising for Print
    • Advertising for Broadcast Media
    • Strategy and Consulting
    • Brand Design and Management
    • Digital Signage Programs
    • Graphic Design
    • Experiential Marketing
    • Retail Merchandising
    • Retail/Environmental Branding
    • Media Direction
    • Guidelines and Stewardship
  • In-House Production

    • 2D and 3D Animation for Television and Digital
    • 3D Digital Rendering of Environments and Products
    • Print Prepro, Image Grading, Art File Management
    • File Prep and Execution for Digital Advertising
    • In-House Video Editorial
    • Digital Cinema
  • Media and Analytics

    • Site-­side Analytics
    • Ad Serving Analytics
    • In-campaign Media and Creative Optimization
    • Social Conversation Measurement and Analysis
    • Campaign Tracking and Analysis
    • Trendspotting
    • Media Planning
    • Media Partnerships
    • Media Buying
  • The Semi-Impossible

    • Creating a Supercar Taxi Service in Germany
    • Cataloging every sign of a major investment house in Manhattan in a weekend
    • Editing Videotape in the back of a Volkswagen at freeway speeds
    • Creating a way for a pop star to call thousands of individual fans’ mobile phones
    • General shocking fastness

This is, by definition, always going to be an incomplete list of BaM capabilities. That’s because we learn something new all the time, and we get a lot of opportunity to apply what we learn to new and interesting problems. Most agency capabilities lists like these are about “expertise”. And while we have some extraordinarily knowledgeable people, we embrace the fact that, today, things move so fast you’re never an expert for long.

  • Focused on filling lucrative, traditional media slots TV, radio, print.

    Focused on discovering new ways to reach consumers where they are now.

  • Needs Agency of Record designation from clients.

    Comfortable working on individual projects or campaigns – even with an AOR.

  • Works only on what is assigned and briefed.

    Does what's needed– always asks, "what else?"

  • Rigid silos, structures and process create the work that's expected.

    Structure is fluid, adapts to the challenge at hand.

  • Measures time in months and quarters.

    Measures time in days and weeks.

  • Has a digital division and outsources the content creation.

    Digital and content creation are wired into the DNA of the agency.

  • Tries to "manage" clients – talks about "pushback" for the sake of "art."

    Collaborates with clients, ideas evolve - push forward.

  • Thinks data and analytics are something for the media people to worry about.

    Measures the success of all creative endeavors. Optimizes in campaign.

There are 13,313 places that can make you an ad. Some of those places are great, some aren’t. All can set type and plan shoots, but few can come up with new ways to engage and motivate audiences. Few can also offer an invention. A spark. An improvement. We think you’ll find that this is what makes BaM different.

They could hire anyone in the world. Here's why they hired us.

Brands you've heard of hire us to do things they can't always get done at other kinds of agencies: projects that may be, for example, too digital for traditional agencies; too tactical for brand agencies; too brand building for digital agencies; or too comprehensive for design firms. It's like we're a full-service agency for the services most agencies don't even realize are services.

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