Angie's List
Angie’s List customer growth was flat.
We helped them increase membership leading to their
first profitable quarter ever.

When we started working with Angies List, they were losing customers almost as quickly as they were gaining them. Younger customers in particular had difficulty understanding why they should pay for a subscription list service when they could ask their friends on social media for a recommendation.

Strategically we expanded their message to include the turnkey features of the product and explain that it wasn’t simply a bunch of search results with a letter grade next to them. Then we looked emotionally beyond the idea of ease. Using Angie’s List means getting your Saturday back and not risking your neck on a ladder. It’s a way to get that kitchen you will obsess over. And yeah, you can even pick up a phone, and Angie’s List will hook you up with someone who will “groom your pooky.”

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Lift in response rate

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:30 Television

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