First Financial Bank
We helped First Financial Bank see a 130% lift in digital account applications through our brand awareness campaign.

When the planning for First Financial Bank’s 2020 campaign began, the pandemic had only begun to set in. No one knew what to expect or how long it would remain. Rapidly, media was filled with messages of “at these troubled times” or “unprecedented moments like these.” Viewers were bombarded with soft piano music and dramatic fades to black.

In hopes of bringing a change of pace to viewers, we made the strategic decision to have our campaign filled with a positive message and optimistic viewpoint.

We chose to use “That’s a first” theme line to center around the idea that First Financial Bank does something that some banks don’t, which is care about clients as individuals. This rang true for people who at the time were frustrated with their bank due to their high fees, mortgage payment policies, and how some banks handled the PPP program for businesses impacted by the pandemic.

While our production was one of the first to resume under COVID restrictions, we went above and beyond protocols and devised a creative way to produce a commercial that complied. That led us to use a stop-motion photography technique to create the videos in a unique slide-show format. By repeating solo talent shots and later compositing the images together, we were able to avoid maskless interaction between talent as well as mandatory personnel on set.

The optimism of the campaign netted positive results with a 130% lift in daily digital account applications.

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:30 Radio

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