People deeply love cars. We helped Mecum
show that they love cars just as much and
in the process created thousands of new fans.

Mecum is one of the largest classic car auctions in the country with a regular show on NBCSN. When they came to BaM, they were launching a new car transport service called Mecum Transport. Upon diving into the car transportation segment, we saw messaging that focused on how careful a company is or how their drivers are specially trained. What we didn’t see is the reason why that matters.

People deeply love these cars. They had car posters on their walls as kids. They begged their mom for a Hot Wheel or Matchbox every time they went to the store. Some even owned these cars during the best times of their lives. Gasoline runs through the veins, and horsepower drives their dreams. By demonstrating how clearly Mecum understood the audience, we communicated how reverently Mecum treats both the cars and their customers.

On YouTube and Facebook, plenty of burly men with names like Stoney and Cort confessed that this spot brought them to tears and was one of the favorites they’d ever seen. Instead of just making a point, we made fans.

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Must be nice to have such a loving wife!”
- Cort
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